About Boss Girl Nutrition

We provide fitness coaching for boss girls who want to champion their lives, health, and their families.

Our mission: to help women divorce the diet-culture and discover the beauty within. You do this by paying attention to yourself and your body first.

Let’s agree, we ignore ourselves. And pay more attention to everything else but our bodies. The only time we pay attention to our health is when something breaks and we decide to go on some kind of dieting. No wonder we hate the process of taking care of our health.

This website is our effort to change your perspective and life one woman at a time.

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We are a gang against dieting.

Hi, this is Mohinish, a certified nutritionist coach and personal trainer. Most importantly, I’ve struggled with poor diet and lifestyle problems all my life. I want to share how I went from being the heaviest to the best shape of my life – with the help of my coaches and mentors.

My wife, Reena is a fit mom, a solid health enthusiast, and a yoga practitioner. We were on:

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