Anant Ambani weight regain: 5 BIG lessons

Anant Ambani weight regain may sound a very demotivating transformation. But this can give you the secrets of success in your weight loss journey.

Watch this video.

“stand on the shoulders of giants”

I’m sure he must have spent crores on his fitness. On his engagement he gave 1.5cr cash to Mika singh. Of course I don’t know, but in his transformation must have spent 1 cr.

Here’re the lessons and mistakes I feel he made:

1) We need empathy…

Losing 108 kgs in 2 years is no joke.

I salute his discipline. But this video he NOT a character judgment.

Weight regain is common and it happened with me too. I lost almost 17 kgs and then regained everything back.

So I know he is very disciplined. And very hard working person. He’s ready to play a bigger role in his dad’s company. So he need to lose weight and get more energy.

And he’ll get back again.

So realize that if you’re struggling with weight or health problem — it’s NOT that you’re weak minded or lack willpower.

It’s just a combination of many factors.

Anant ambani weight regain
Anant Ambani in 2018

2) Time is not a problem

Even if you get all day free – it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll lose weight.

If you’re busy — then being fit is even more important because you’re important for so many people.

If you don’t perform so many people suffer because you don’t show up at the level you can.

It’s only a matter of interest & priority.

Figure out how to get fit in this busyness – find time.

Join 2 things. While making breakfast in the kitchen, get 10 squats and 10 push ups done. Before having a bath get 5 burpees done. That’s it.

No special time commitment needed.

Will it really work? How about an experiment?

What I have found is when I ask too many “self-doubt” question – will it work? What if I’m wasting my time? What if there’s a better plan out there?

You’re the expert of your body and behavior and if you ask me then starting with just one minute a day ABSOLUTELY works. Because of compounding effect.

3) Money can’t buy you fitness

Anant ambani weight loss transformation

You can buy the best supplement, best trainer, best bollywood nutritionist…

But if there’s no change in identity. It’s useless.

There’s a difference between weight loss for a event vs identity of a fit person.

Can you say “you believe in fitness?”

Of course, knowing something and being capable are two different things.

I know how to create chapati or roti. But I can’t create one… forget about those circular chapatis.

So money can’t buy buy identity. It can’t buy ‘Capacity’. You get it by doing it.

4) Celebrity regimen are useless even dangerous

Anant Ambani exercised for five-six hours daily. His everyday exercise regimen included a 21-km walk, followed by yoga, weight training, functional training and high-intensity cardio exercises.

Too much.

It’s not a 100-meter race. It’s a life long marathon.

Always go slow with changes. Become a Tortoise.

Full day exercising won’t give you a celebrity body. Unless you can continue practising 5-6 hours of exercising daily!

5) Very aggressive changes in diets

Anant Ambani shifted to a zero-sugar, high protein, and low-carb diet with less fat. He was consuming 1200-1400 calories every day.

Are you thinking about making these agressive changes?

You’re the expert of yourself but my only concern is research says this is unsustainable.

And here we even have an evidence. Aggressive changes may work for some people. Not for most. Will it work for you?

If you’re thinking what’s the way out then… try the “Feeling-based nutrition”. No Calorie count. No starvation. No agressive cutting. Eat as per Intuition & evidence.

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