Bharti Singh’s weight loss success story: 8 lessons for us

Bharti Singh’s weight loss journey is inspiring

She lost about 15 kilos in 10 months without any special gym or exotic diet.

Read that again – weight loss without any special gym or exotic dieting. How could this be? Can you lose weight just like that?

Turns out you can. It’s possible – if you take care of certain basic things. Humble food is enough to get you slim down. In fact, consider yourself lucky – if you’re still getting it.

Let’s analyze how Bharti was able to make changes to her lifestyle and bring massive changes to her fitness. And how she can bring more results if she wants!

And the secret to Bharati’s transformation is…

It isn’t ghee – as suggested by some news reports. Yes, ghee is wonderful. but even more important is sticking to an eating routine that is sensible. You eat according to the energy needs of your body. Here’s the simple rule — eat according to the sun.

When the sun is at its brightest you eat more. That means you have a heavy lunch around noon. And have lighter meals at night and breakfast.

Unknowingly Bharti used these rules in the guise of Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a good way to understand and take care of the needs of the body. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In ancient times, there was also spiritual detoxification involved along with fasting. But nobody talks about mental and emotional detoxification which is crucial.

Earlier Bharti would eat anytime — even late at night which is bad for health because this energy is going to be stored in your body as fat. But I commend her for her efforts to stick to a schedule that has brought her results. So bonus points for her.

Should you start Intermittent fasting?

It depends on your goals and your lifestyle. It’s not for everyone especially if you have health problems. Bharti was borderline diabetic that’s why she was able to stick with it. If you’ve lost that opportunity it’s not for you. I also tried it but I used to get headaches that’s why I couldn’t stick with it.

How she found her commitment and how you can find it

Bharti Singh's weight loss success story
Bharti with her husband

An actor’s lifestyle is destroyed by hectic shooting schedules and an erratic lifestyle. How come actors are able to stay fit? Because “it’s the show biz”.

Career demands make them stay committed to their health. For Bharti that wasn’t the case? We all love her the way she is

But it was probably the fear of aggravating health that pushed her to stay committed. She was diagnosed with borderline diabetics — at 36 years old — that’s is a drastic thing to happen.

Apart from that, possibly the desire to have a baby brought out the best in her.

What is your ‘Why’ to stay committed to the health journey? Find it otherwise, it might not last.

How to portion control properly?

IF or cheat meal is not a license to overeat. overeating destroys your energy balance and work against you. The best way to control your portion is to stop eating when you’re 80% full.

Many people go for too much of an aggressive cut. While nothing is wrong but might not be sustainable. And again depending on where you are it can backfire. Plus, excessive portion control can have ugly side effects.

Some people have a hard time recognizing when they are full. It’s coz of the hormone imbalances, in that case, follow a hand guide to control your portion and you should be good.

Start taking care of yourself — never skip meals

She mentioned that for the last 30-32 years she wasn’t able to take care of herself. She used to curse God for making her fat. These negative emotions pile up in the body and mind and destroy inner harmony. Is it possible you can consider giving yourself just 30 minutes a day?

Many people are desperate to lose weight quickly and would do anything — no matter how stupid it is. This destroys their emotional balance even further. Whereas Bharti stuck to her routine without any desperation and with an attitude of taking care of herself.

Remember if you need to hurry, you’re late already.

When you do anything just to lose some weight and to impress others you basically shoot yourself in the foot by destroying your hormonal balance. and you start a future weight gain process.

The initial steps are always the toughest

Bharti Singh's weight loss

Diet is no cakewalk, and even Bharti faced the same issues. “Initially, in the first 10-15 days, I faced a lot of problems. I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat Maggi or leftover vegetables from dinner. But slowly these things normalised,” she said to a magazine.

“In fact, my body has stopped accepting food at the wrong hours,” she added.

Wow… What a change Bharti.

How she should maintain weight and why she shouldn’t lose weight anymore

Bharti has made slow progress and that’s wonderful because it means she has learned the skills needed to lose weight.

I believe she wouldn’t regain any unnecessary weight back – unless something drastic happens to her emotional life.

Meanwhile, her career demands that she stays fit not super lean. This can break the rapport she has created with the audience. And I think that’s a good decision for her. But who knows?

Lastly, she used her humor to enjoy the journey

The truth is you can’t sustain any journey if you’re not having fun. Being a comedian helps! It definitely reduces how you perceive things and the sting.

Bharti is a foodie and she used her love for food to good use. When it was time to have a hearty meal she’d eat well — without skipping any particular food item like the carbs.

Many people make the mistake of assuming carbs are bad. It’s not. And Bharti is proof you can lose weight with ‘daal-chawl’. Your body and the good gut bacteria need the fiber which is found in carbs. And they help you lose weight and be in a good mood.

How will you use these lessons to lose weight?

What’s next for you?

If you want to learn a practice-based weight management system then enroll in ‘Secrets of Body Transformation‘ course – it’s free.

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