I can’t stay consistent, what can I do?

Actually, the reverse is true.

Before I tackle that let me be frank. Everyone says losing weight is easy. Every health ad, random people, well-meaning friend offer easy tips… “just add more fiber… or just skip sugar…” Right?

But after losing 79 lbs (36 kgs or 5.6 stones) I can tell you – it’s not that hard – but at the same time – it’s NOT that easy also.

That doesn’t mean I live a perfect lifestyle. Perfect meals. Perfect exercises. NO.

Far from it, I just take care of a few things. I wish I knew about them earlier.

Before I tell you more, let’s agree that surviving on 500-1000 calories a day diet plan is no joke. What do you think?

So many women follow low calorie diets in the hopes of getting fitter, losing weight, looking good. Truth is low-calorie diets are tough.

You don’t need to be THAT hard on yourself.

And if you’ve ever been on any diet plan then it tells me one thing about you:

You’re strong.
You’ve the willpower.
You can stay consistent – if you know HOW do it right.

Weight loss shouldn’t require too much willpower. If it does, don’t you think somewhere something is missing?

Looking back I realize that I needed a customized lifestyle hacking.

No one-size-fits all lifestyle plan

For 20 years I have tried “other people’s diet & workout plan” until I finally realized — we all are unique. We have unique needs and life.

What works for others shouldn’t have worked for me.

And if I were to give you my diet plan or my workout plan — chances are it’s NOT going to work for you. Because your lifestyle is different. Right?

Let’s say, if you’ve a stressful life – you might be tempted to follow a strenuous workout plan to gain quick results. But it can easily backfire.

What’s worse is you won’t stick with it.

And that’s where lies the secret to permanent weight loss.

Your own lifestyle.

I was gaining and losing the same 5-10 lbs

There was a phase where I would sabotage my own progress and couldn’t understand why it’s happening.

I’d try something new – then go back to the old routine. Each time I failed, I assumed I’m mentally weak… whereas the problem was that my path was not clear enough.

If you are driving and you can’t see the road then would you stop? Of course. No road, no driving.

That’s exactly what happens with our lifestyle. No clarity, no progress.

As I gained clarity on my lifestyle (with the help of my mentors and coaches) I began to find a way to make the change.

I really really don’t have any time?

It shocks me.

Most women take great care of everything – family, kids, partner, work – but ignore themselves. By ignoring themselves they inflict greater harm to the very things they care about.

My mom never took time for self-care. I decided I’d not allow my wife to ignore herself. And that’s why I always help her make health a priority.

It’s not a time problem – it’s a priority problem.

Imagine you have more energy, love, health – don’t you think you’ll outdo your previous self?


What about the future F-moment of life when ‘the sh!t takes over’?

Sh!t will happen.

But when you have a support system (or you know how to create that support system) — then you’ll still find a way. Notice it’s NOT about motivation.

The real question is: how to create that support system?

What’s next?

If you are looking to lose weight in a sustainable way — so that you can keep it off for life then have you ever thought about coaching?

Do you think, it’s perfect time to harness support for your fitness journey?

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