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✅ Learn the most effective – yet flexible strategy to control your eating pattern

✅ Let food be your friend (not enemy) in your fat loss journey

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Why Intuitive Eating is critical for lifelong fitness?

Check out this news article. This is how “Intuitive eating” works, right in front of you >

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source: Hindustand Times

It’s so liberating

“I’m so at peace with my body” Katharine McPhee

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source: People

The list is long; here’re a few people who are vocal about it: Australian actress Rebel Wilson, Peter Facinelli – the Twilight saga actor, Mindy Kaling (The Office and Ocean’s 8 fame), Lili Reinhart (Riverdale, Hustlers).

The truth is in my journey I came across many silent practitioners who naturally understood its principles.

How to love food but not be a slave to the numerous cravings and habits? How to view healthy eating without taking on too much pressure? How to use food to achieve better control over health so you achieve more in life? This is the long-term answer I was searching for…

What’s ‘Intuitive Eating’?

✅ It’s eating with joy – without guilt later on.
✅ It’s listening to the body intelligence & rhythm.
✅ It’s savoring food you want to eat while staying fit.
✅ It’s STOP using food as a crutch, escape, or comfort.
✅ It’s about becoming a boss of your body and life.
✅ It’s gaining tremendous respect for all that your body does for you.
✅ It’s taking some time out for appreciating yourself (YOU deserve it).

I wonder why it’s not taught at schools, instead they teach us Algebra. Is a healthy functioning body more important than Algebra? No. So what is it that fit people know and practice regularly?

👉How I naturally gained a better grip over my eating patterns

✅ I’m astonished I’m able to slip into any favorite T-shirt, jeans and get compliments.
✅ I’m setting a good example for my 6-year-old son 💪
✅ I feast on delicious foods without any guilt or restrictions
✅ I understand when I’m stressed, bored, sabotaging myself
✅ I’m positive towards my life and don’t look to food as an escape
I look leaner NOW than I was in my 20s

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This journey is lonely… let me support you

My mother never took care of herself. When she realized – it was too late; the damage was already done. This journey is hard. That’s why I’m super grateful to my mentor for teaching me these time-less principles which helped me drop from size XXL to M (for the first time in my life). So why am I doing this masterclass?

First, by motivating you I keep my own fitness motivation high. Yes, sometimes I too fall back and “indulge” and that’s why mentor’s support is critical. Second, I’m sure if you love this masterclass then you’ll want to continue your fitness journey with me.

Continue reading to discover how your eating pattern will begin to transform in the next few days…

Join the masterclass and learn…

✅ Why the health industry is temporary band-aid to a deeper wound

✅ How to tap into your body intelligence & guide yourself with intuition

✅ Experience greater self-esteem as you confront the deep emotional problems

✅ Address eating patterns before they spiral out of control into disorders like bulimia

✅ Why you should never put pressure on yourself about WHAT you eat

✅ How to relax and eat a better meal even when you’re running late & all hell is about to break lose

✅ How to stay consistent in the real world so you don’t wind up back to square one

✅ Practice the techniques safely in your home until you’re ready for further help from a coach

✅ Never again deny yourself good foods – this will only lead to more cravings for them

“You can workout all you want but you can never compensate for wrong eating methods. Right?”

– Coach Mohinish

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This can be a game-changer

The truth is I don’t have much willpower to write about. I find it hard to resist tempting food. But Hypnosis definitely changed certain things.

It continues to work wonderfully in my fitness journey.

And if you face similar problems then I have a perfect audio program for you:

✅ It stops binge eating naturally
✅ Control cravings comfortably
✅ Heals deeper wounds to keep you active and healthy

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Are you making this mistake while trying to get fit?

Attracted by the Shiny Stuff I used to disconnect with my own gut. I couldn’t realize what my body is trying to signal. And what’s the game being played around me…

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What you’re seeing above is nothing but the level of your hunger or effort for fitness.

What’s wrong with this? Everything.

The impulsive peaks push you to calculate calories, to go on dieting… but the frustrating ebbs makes you overeat. Your body stays in this dangerous loop FOREVER. When is now a good time to break this pattern? Imagine a harmonious peacefully consistent.

Are you ignoring your deeper self without even realizing it?

✅ Do you frequently go on diets to burn calories?
✅ Do you think you can eat anything if you exercise hard enough?
✅ Do you feel guilty after eating something?
✅ Do you feel your body gains weight easily?
✅ Do you participate in fitness challenges to burn the same weight again and again?
✅ Do you have a habit of snacking?
✅ Do you have an intuitive understanding of the amount of food your body needs?
✅ Do you eat whenever you are happy, sad, or watching TV?
✅ Have you ever paid attention to your eating patterns?

Let’s keep it real. There’s much to be done on the health front.

The good thing is it doesn’t need to be painful. I’ll show you how you can start with baby steps.

How we will be laying a strong foundation in the next few days…

✅ 5 videos where I’ll show you everything about Intuitive Eating

✅ Learn to enjoy lifelong health with less gut issues

✅ Opportunity to connect with me for greater clarity

✅ Lifelong access to videos so you can come to them again and again

✅ Gain a sense of more control over your weight

✅ Go beyond crushing diets & workouts right from day one

✅ Gain greater appreciation and self-confidence

✅ Get free future upgrades to the course material

✅ Hold my hand so you’re never alone in your journey

Like you I also started from the ground zero but thanks to my mentor for helping me practice intuitive eating. That’s what you’re going to learn:


Learn these flexible secrets to enjoy food guilt free

Don’t miss the boat today…

It’s now or never. If you miss this today, you might never come back to this. Maybe 10-20-30 years from now when you would want to take control over your health it’ll be too late by then… today’s choice is easier and less painful…

✅ Immediate access
✅ Languages Hindi 🇮🇳 and English
Bonus: hypnosis audio
Bonus: Worksheets and forms
✅ Apply proven strategies of clean eating
✅ Burn calories 🔥

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✅ Taste real fulfilling success🥇
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It’s no accident you stumbled upon this page…

Often I ask myself, “What am I passing on to my kids? A legacy of good habits or a curse of poor health?” I feel blessed for choosing good healthy habits. And I want you to feel lighter too. See you in the class…

If you believe you’re ready to eat better then get access to tools, tricks, and techniques that helped me get into the best shape of my life… register here and I’ll see you inside

Think: one year from now you can either worry about your health… or you can totally transform how you eat. Where do you see yourself going?

✅ You lose nothing but burn a few extra calories. The more you delay, the more you suffer from pain, embarrassment, and problems. Why delay if it hurts you?

✅ Don’t think. Feel good. Take action. To get the body of your dreams join the class and act on your step-by-step action plan ⏰

Yes I’m ready to eat well

Talk soon,
Coach Mohinish
Certified personal trainer & nutrition coach


NOTE: I might soon raise the price so book your spot now before others.

Will you provide me a new diet plan?

No. Far from a diet plan (which are hard to stick to), it’s a lifestyle change.

It’s about discovering your eating patterns so you build your habits around your personal values.

If you don’t value binge eating – then this program will show you how to move away from binge eating. And build a healthy eating pattern you can sustain.

Who is this for?

It’s for everyone who wants to eat better.

Eating is a natural thing. But HOW we eat is different for everyone. Even in our families everyone has their own preferences. Not everyone likes strawberry ice-cream (I do).

This program is for you if you want lifelong fitness without yo-yo dieting.

The price is too much, can I have extra discount?

Think about it. Are you concerned about the price or the cost?

Here’s what I mean. I bought a best price bicycle for my son. As it was cheap, initially it felt good. But the regular little repair cost added up so much so that I could have bought a new bicycle.

So if you add up the little cost like snacking, obesity; medical cost of indigestion, bad gut, lifestyle diseases; the psychological cost of feeling low… the regular cost of bad eating habits are easily hundred times higher than what you are investing today in this masterclass.

So would you love to pay a fair price one time or regular little cost for an eating pattern you don’t want?

Will I lose weight? How much?

Losing inches is a complex process. And Nutrition is a major factor among many.

Since I have zero knowledge of your lifestyle, frankly I don’t know how much progress you will make. Can you drop dress sizes following Intuitive Eating? Yes, I went from XXL to M.

Should this be generalized for everyone? Let’s keep it real. But if you follow my recommendations inside then you’ll see changes in your body. That’s guaranteed.

Get started now… click here
See you inside…

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