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New 3-day LIVE Masterclass: “How to Slim Down”

✅ Do you want to learn how to lose fat, look incredible without starving or giving up good food?

✅ Do you want to understand how to get the desired body shape (& stay there) without hours of back-breaking cardio?

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Yes, I’m ready to get back in shape

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Let’s face the facts…

You’re the boss… but getting control over the body can sometimes feel challenging.

Let me ask you a few questions…

🔘 Do you deserve a better body? [yes/no]

🔘 Do you deserve a great body? [yes/no]

🔘 Do you deserve a great body for long term, not just short term? [yes/no]

🔘 Have you tried many ways to stay fit but couldn’t sustain them? [yes/no]

Chances are excellent you answered ‘yes’ to these questions. Because what you’re really saying is you need something that fits your unique needs, values, & your life. That’s the way it should be.

Would you like to learn a few simple tweaks — and some daily practices — to lose fat and live healthier even when life takes over?

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I never cared for my health

I ballooned to XXL size but it worked in my favor. As I discovered time-less principles of life and fitness from my mentors. They helped me drop from XXL to M.

Why am I doing this masterclass?

First, by motivating you I keep my own fitness motivation & knowledge high. Second, I’m sure if you love this masterclass then you’ll want to continue your fitness journey with me.

This journey is lonely… let me support you

👉”I used to think I’m NOT worth it… this isn’t who I’m… I can’t do this”

But thanks to my mentor & coach I defeated my doubts and now…

✅ I’m NOT worried about gaining the weight back.
✅ I’m astonished to slip into any favorite T-shirt, jeans and get compliments.
✅ I’m setting a good example for my 6-year-old son 💪
✅ I feast on delicious foods without any guilt or restrictions
✅ I have tremendous energy throughout the day
✅ I’m positive towards my life and feel confident about my capabilities
I look leaner NOW than I was in my 20s

Our gameplan for 3 days

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Day 1: Solve nutrition mystery

  • Learn why dieting destroys your metabolism & body.
  • How to feel confident with “good enough” nutrition
  • How to sustain good eating habits without missing your favorite foods
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Day 2: Optimum movement plan

  • Why most people working out at the gym don’t see any body change.
  • External motivation won’t last – learn strategies for Intrinsic motivation to enjoy lifelong fitness.
  • How to start small but achieve big goals effortlessly.
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Day 3: Mindset for success in fitness

  • You’re strong… AND SUCCESSFUL. Build a new self identity to build your dream body.
  • Old ways of goal-setting don’t work for fitness. Learn strategies of behavior goals to make unbelievable progress and get noticed.

Continue reading to discover how your life will begin to transform in the next few days…

Join the masterclass and learn…

✅ Why most fitness products are a temporary band-aid to a deeper wound

✅ Uncover common habits that makes weight loss extremely challenging.

✅ The bad side-effects of calorie counting & other apps nobody talks about

✅ Challenge your assumptions about food and gain confidence

✅ Build body confidence with proper activity & movement

✅ The real secrets to tone your body and see visible changes

✅ Why extreme workouts harm your body

✅ Understand how to work around pains & aches (knee, back, etc.)

✅ Be a hero with self coaching

✅ Be a role-model for your kids and overcome the short-term “weight loss trap”

✅ Discover your hidden potential and lead everyone around you with better health and full potential

✅ Carry yourself with natural inner confidence

FREEDOM from eating like a bird & working out like a Marine commando

✅ Gain knowledge to live the life you deserve
✅ Attain liberation from busyness and put YOURSELF first
✅ Learn strategies to see visible results you can be proud of
✅ Feel confident & capable about nutrition & your body
✅ Transform “Not possible” into “Let’s FINISH it” mindset

Let’s keep it real. Don’t you think you need something customized for your busy life?

The good news is it doesn’t need to be painful. I’ll show you how you can start with baby steps.

How we will be laying a strong foundation in the next few days…

✅ 3 LIVE classes on the 3 pillars of fat loss from Tuesday

✅ 30-45 minutes online Zoom classes; join from any device

✅ Recordings available for 24 hours

✅ Opportunity to ask your questions & gain clarity

✅ Enjoy MASSIVE 80% discount

✅ First 20 registrations get additional bonuses

✅ Class on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

✅ 6pm IST / 2:30 pm CET / 6:30 am MT / 5:30 am PT

✅ Hold my hand so you’re never alone on this long journey

Like you I also started from the ground zero but thanks to my mentor for helping me out with the right knowledge. Now is it your turn to change your fitness game?


Learn these flexible secrets to understand how to get back in shape (& stay there)

Don’t miss the boat today… Register now to use the launch offer: 80% OFF…

It’s now or never. If you miss this today, you might never come back to this. Maybe 10-20-30 years from now when you would want to take control over your health it’ll be too late by then… today’s choice is easier and less painful…

✅ BONUS: 1+ 1 pass (bring someone along)
✅ Additional *undisclosed* bonus: Revealed on the 3rd day
✅ Language: English
✅ LIVE from Tuesday (recording provided for 24hrs)
✅ Burn some calories 🔥

It’s less than the cost of a bottle of juice

✅ The investment is nothing compared to the gym machines that don’t teach anything
✅ Skip juices, snacks loaded with calories and chemicals & invest in this.
✅ Gain empowering knowledge – and win fitness battle
✅ Choose the right currency & enter your details on the next page to register now


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100% money-back guarantee

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It’s no accident you stumbled upon this page…

My mentor often says, “What are you modelling for your kids? A legacy of great habits or a curse of poor health?” See you in the class…

If you believe you’re ready to eat better then get access to tools, tricks, and techniques that helped me get into the best shape of my life… register here and I’ll see you inside

Think: Knowledge is power.

Do you really want to rob yourself of this power?

✅ You lose nothing but burn a few extra calories. The more you delay, the more you suffer from pain, embarrassment, and problems. Why delay join now…

✅ Don’t overthink. Feel good. Take action. ⏰

Yes I’m ready to get fit

Talk soon,
Coach Mohinish
Certified personal trainer & nutrition coach


NOTE: I might soon raise the price so book your spot now before others.

Will you provide me a new diet plan?

Far better than a diet plan (which are hard to stick to), I’m going to empower you with knowledge of lifestyle changes that you can sustain. And would want to pass down the generations!

Who is this for?

It’s for everyone who wants to get fit, lose unwanted fat, gain energy and vitality.

This program is for you if you want lifelong fitness without yo-yo dieting & crushing workouts.

Is there money-back guarantee?

Absolutely, just send me an email or contact us through the contact page. But I’m sure you’ll love the classes.

Will I lose weight? How much?

Losing inches is a complex process. And I’m going to empower you with the knowledge.

I went from XXL and struggling all my life with the health issues to getting fit, sporting M-sized clothes, and finally feeling free of health worries.

It took surrender to my mentor and coach, and fighting my bad habits and internal struggles. But if you persist you’ll see the change.

Get started now… click here
See you inside…

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