Why quick-fix motivation doesn’t work

The harder I tried to follow a diet, the harder I yearned for my favorite foods.

While some motivation is necessary to achieve our goals but it’s the quick-fix mentality that hurts. I have found that when our behavior doesn’t match our values, sooner or later we lose the momentum. No matter how motivational the motivation song is.


Has this ever happened with you that you decided to lose weight and loaded yourself with:

✅ New diet plan and recipes
✅ Lots of green tea
✅ Lots of motivational songs

You might have seen some temporary results. But of course, it didn’t last long.

I couldn’t notice this pattern until I met my mentor and that’s when I realize that along with motivation – accountability and emotional support is important for fitness and weight loss.

But what’s wrong with quick-fix motivation?

Isn’t motivation how every athlete & actor achieve respectable fitness?

After losing almost 36 kgs (79 lbs) I realized, actually the reverse is true.

Motivation can fizzle out in a few hours or days.

Like me, you probably saw some Video or read a book or heard something somewhere and decided to transform your body. You were highly motivated so you followed it for a few weeks. But then what?

After a few days, you got cravings or you were stressed. You “fell off the wagon” hard.

We are humans, right? It’s normal.

Is there any way you can still make this work and achieve your dream of going on vacation in a body you’re proud of?

Every success story has a support system working behind the scenes

Whereas I used “books, articles, videos,” and “courses” for guidance.

I never realized that accountability, emotional support, coaching & mentoring is critical.

However, every actor or athlete you see on social media has a team of trainers. Many of them follow a diet or change their bodies to achieve a goal. Once it’s achieved – they go back to their old routines.

Read the last sentence again – “they go back to their old routines”.

This is something I discovered much later in life.

However, if you try to figure out everything on your own – then you will one day… but after making a lot of bad mistakes.

Short-term motivation is dangerous, why?

Because of the loop that follows.

Once I realized I couldn’t follow a diet plan – I would feel bad about myself. Instead of realizing that it wasn’t my mistake. It’s about lifestyle; not about diets.

My confidence would take a huge hit. And I’d end up feeling worse. Plus, I’d go on binge eating just to feel good about myself.

Here’s why the problem with excessive short-term motivation doesn’t stop with binge eating:

  • Your risk of getting injured increases
  • You can’t stay motivated 24*7, eventually you give in worse
  • Risk of the dieting-binging cycle increases
  • We do short-term activities but fail to explore long-term changes
  • It negatively impacts our self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Often we end up gaining more weight than we lose with motivation

Read more on this:

What to do instead?

How about thinking and acting like lean people? Especially when something aligns with your values?

I learned this perspective from Dr. Paul McKenna. And it has helped me tremendously. I have never seen a lean person motivated to stick with a “diet plan.”

They don’t need to as they naturally do “certain” things for their health. If you follow the principles, chances are you would stay consistent with your lifestyle changes.

One of the key principle is Moderation with nutrition and workouts. Moderation means optimum. Doing what’s best; avoiding extremes like strict 1k calorie diets or long multiple intense workouts.

The little-known “mental backfire”

Your mind hates change and it’s smarter than any diet plan on earth because it knows your plans. Plus, it knows when to play dirty.

When you are at your weakest – feeling low, bored, proud — it sends you cravings.

“One bite won’t hurt.”

That’s what happens… it hurts. One bite turns into two, three, four… before you gain every inch back and you’re back to square one. This is how you fall off the wagon.

And for this reason during coaching we place so much importance on this “mental backfire”.

How to ensure you get back up quickly and stay on track?

Realize that this is a journey.

Society makes it seem like there’re shortcuts to weight loss. Not true. You can’t use motivation to achieve your goals fast. You can only change your habits while staying aligned with your values and then automatically you’ll move towards your goals.

If starving isn’t one of your values – then don’t go on diets. If you love the idea of fasts – then by all means do it. If you hate working out with weights then find your idea of activity and movement.

But don’t use motivation to force yourself to do something you hate. You’ll never last long.

Slow down to reach your goals faster.

And think about your values and follow those values to arrive at the healthy behaviors.

For example, what do you prefer?

Tranquility, or Strength?

If you said tranquility – how open are you to explore yoga or qi gong for fitness and weight loss?

If you said strength – how open are you to the idea of strength training or athleticism?

You are a fighter

If you secretly believe you can have a great body then I appreciate the never dying spirit in you. This will tremendously help you find your way to a fit lifestyle.

Are you open to support and accountability from an expert coach

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