Your quiz results

First, congratulations on completing the quiz.

I appreciate you for keeping the patience; this tells me one thing about you. You’re a fighter.

You don’t give up – no matter how tough the situation gets. And you can use this spirit to put an end to this miserable weight loss struggle.

But there’s a deeper part of you that’s often ignored. It’s not just about dropping weight. It’s about getting out of this trap – and gaining freedom. Freedom to do anything you want. Freedom to eat anything. Freedom to go anywhere and enjoy an active life. Freedom to buy new clothes that fit or wear the old ones that no longer fit. Right?

Now if you noticed I asked questions to better understand your mindset and habits because in this journey it doesn’t matter where you are… what matters is your ability to seek emotional support and guidance.

You could be at the bottom of the mountain – but your goal is to reach the top. And you’ll succeed if you pay attention to these recommendations.

Your life is different.

I observe, you’re special. Let’s agree you don’t have several hours to spend in the gym; then spend more hours to experiment with exotic new weight loss recipes.

So you need minimum time investment which gives you maximum benefit. Right?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Food. Nutrition. Diet.

As your life is unique – you need something custom – something special – those cookie-cutter plans will never work for you.

You can get diet-plans like these:

Lunch: 100gm rice, 50gm brocoli
Dinner: 100gm boiled chicken breast, salad

Will they work? Will you achieve your goals?

Probably. But how long can you live like this? The more you deprive yourself, the worse it gets. And then you might end up with even more guilt, and a disgusting feeling about yourself.

Slow, steady, consistent changes work.

Building on what I just stated, I highly recommend you follow an Intuitive Eating approach. Some people say it’s about eating whatever you want.

That’s not true. It’s about getting connected with your body and using the infinite intelligence of your body to eat that’s just right for the weight loss.

Sometimes you eat more, sometimes you eat less. You just follow the body rhythm.

What ideas do you have about following and respecting your body’s rhythm? Want my suggestions?

One of the suggestion would be to NOT change what you’re currently eating abruptly. When you suddenly change a pattern – it feels like air turbulence on the airplane. If it’s within control everyone is okay. But if it’s too much – it can get scary. In our case, it’s soon abandoned. And everything fall on its face.

Whatever you are eating – just start observing your food. Notice how your hunger feels… is it actually hunger? What happens when you’re hungry? Do you feel any physical sensations when you’re hungry? How does your stomach feels like? What about your day-to-day work? How does your work get impacted? Do you start to lose focus or do you get brain fog?

Notice everything.

These are very crucial questions that will lead you toward understanding your appetite. A good appetite is a gift. It’s okay. Nobody needs to feel bad about it when you understand it better.

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For now let’s move on.

Next challenge is workout. Actually there’re two types of workouts.

Cardio and weight training. And both help you lose weight. It’s just that they work differently. But in short, cardio helps you burn more fat at the cellular level. Whereas weight training gives you a toned look and a better body shape so you don’t look like a jelly of lose skin.

Apart from this, the challenge is to stay active as much as possible. Would you like to have some ideas?

Yoga: A simple yoga asana like Surya-namaskar – which consists of 12 different poses can stretch your body, relaxes you, and prepares you for the day.

Who says workout only needs to be about running on a treadmill. Want new ideas to play and have more fun?

Play Frisbee. Get your garden in shape. Play game of catch. Kids love it, heck my wife still loves it, and it aids in their development.

Want to challenge yourself? Do 100 meters sprints or complete 50 jumping jacks before you enter the shower.

Do you want a toned body?

Do you think that strength training is for men only? The truth is it’s for everyone. You can start with 20 squats and 5 push ups. And later you can rack up the challenge.

Here’s a bitter truth.

When an average person works out they burn like 200 calories – 300 calories. But when they are not working out – sleeping, walking, working – they burn 2000 calories – 3000 calories. Even up to 6000 calories!

Exercise aren’t the only way to burn body fat. But who burns 6000 calories a day?

Researchers found elite chess players can burn up to 6000 calories a day. But who would like to sit whole day and think about hundreds of ways to play the next move?

The way to apply it is simple. How do you stay active doing something you can love intensely? Mind burns 16 times more energy than muscles. This means I often stand while working and often take walks every 30-60 minutes.

Your body is a marvelous piece of equipment. The beautiful thing about weight loss is that it happens on its own if you engage in the right behavior.

When you feed your body with good nutrients then your metabolism increases. And it helps you lose weight and stay active.

What ideas do you have to help you stay consistent?

Would you like me give you some ideas?

Level 1: Self-accountability.
You can hold yourself accountable, maintain a journal, understand your behavior. It works. But it’s a slow process. And chances of failure are high because there’s no one to support or guide you.

Level 2: Public accountability
Many people start YouTube channel to let the public peek into their personal lives during their journey. Does it work? It depends.
Many times, this brings unnecessary pressure. Internet is full of trolls and negative people. If you fail even temporarily emotions can overwhelm you.

Level 3: Accountability with someone you trust
It could be a family member or a friend who is always there to cheer you on. But it works well if the person acting as a coach is experienced. So they can help you breakthrough the plateau.

Level 4: Accountability with an expert or a coach
A coach needs to understand your journey. And the kind of tough phase you’re going through. Most importantly, they should have an absolutely belief that YOU can do it.

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Coach Mohinish,


Certified personal trainer & Nutritionist coach