Benefits of virtual coaching over traditional training

Someone wrote, “My husband says I won’t be able to follow virtual training”.

Personally this was shocking on many levels. What she was actually saying was, “Someone needs to supervise me so I can stay consistent”. While I want to break this myth here but in this educational post, I want to prove why this mindset is actually bad for your health.

A trainer isn’t a crutch – coaching is actually empowering to build a solid lifestyle.

Have you seen those funny “I need a gym trainer like him” clips where the trainer shames his client for “bad behavior”?

I had to ask myself: Is this really the best way to empower yourself? And what if this “kind of training” bites you back later in some other ways?

The truth is nobody will be there with you 24 hours

What about times when you are on your own at 2 am when the curtains are down and you’ve got chocolate brownies in your fridge? Would it help if you had a choice to eat or not eat?

That’s where BossGirl coaching comes into the picture. I’m biased but see this. What’s more empowering:

Imagine if you said: “Last evening my meeting got extended; my son spilled oil in the kitchen – I got so frustrated and angry that I had to order something from the restaurant.”

A usual knee-jerk reaction might be, “I’m a bad mom, can’t I put the bottle away from the kid’s reach? And I could have worked smartly; I could have used this opportunity to do intermittent fasting instead I choose to screw the calorie deficit.”

How well does it work?

The good news is in my research and experience I noticed that guilt doesn’t work well.

What if there’s a better way?

What if you received compassionate understanding, “I see you’re very committed and honest about your work, I appreciate that. And parenting is definitely frustrating. Would you like to talk about situations like these – where you could take a deep breath and feel okay about things not being perfect?”

Can you already see the difference between these two approaches?

What if you received compassionate accountability and help from your coach or caretaker?

I have found that compassion and emotional support help you to stick with the desired long-term lifestyle changes. This allows you to make better food choices when you are on your own – even at 2 AM at night. It boosts your confidence and self-love.

Self-help program vs coaching: what’s better?

Too many times self-help programs like online courses/books/ apps are confused with coaching.

Self-help programs give you a plan – they are created by an expert for an audience. It’ll work – if you can stick with it. But chances are your life and your barriers to healthy living are different.

You are an expert on what works for you. How long will these preconceived plans and blueprints survive the onslaught of life? That’s something nobody can tell you.

So how can a coach help you navigate through the challenges?

One of the critical components of progress, which is missing from self-help programs, is feedback. Without feedback, most people follow the wrong process and end up getting the wrong results (like weight stalls). But the problem can get even worse because it can lead to injuries, hormonal problems, etc.

Coaching isn’t personal training yet it’s a low-cost investment

When you hire a Personal Trainer, where you are paying for someone’s attention at the gym. He guides you through workouts or builds the plan for you. If qualified he talks about nutrition. But most trainers rely on diet plans and a ton of supplements. Does that work? You bet.

But what if you can’t commit one-two hours it sometimes requires?

You travel to the gym, warm up, complete the exercises, wait for your turn, cool down, stretch, travel back, take a shower, and rest. Yes, it has become habitual for some people. But when life gets busy it gets tough even for the professionals.

Under normal conditions, you might give up. But BossGirl virtual coaching is all about adaptation. Don’t have time? No worries. Just squeeze in 10-20 minutes a day anytime for a workout. And focus on what’s important.

Virtual coaching is empowering

Truth is nobody is living a perfect lifestyle (me neither). it’s always something better. And finding your own sweet spot.

Coaching helps you recognize your strengths; understand what’s working for you.

Realize that nobody needs to “supervise” you 24*7.

Coaching is about connection. It’s not about some guru talking about his life or his accomplishments – which is good but BossGirl coaching is all about YOU.

Actually, if you’re someone who values human connection and feedback. That’s exactly the best thing for you because values and human connection deeply change us.

During a coaching session, you explore deeper parts and personalities, and beliefs you never knew existed within you. You’re sometimes challenging and creating mini-adventures for yourself.

Would that work to your advantage? If you walk with two legs, looking to become a better version of yourself, then it works. And this is how we succeed at our goals – fitness or otherwise.

BossGirl Coaching is not some session where you give me 100 jumping jacks while I sit and munch on something. That kind of “training” is less impactful – unless someone is there to provide you feedback.

Coaching is fast-paced & needs less time-commitment

Our aim is to discover what’s working in your favor – the long term. And realize what’s not working. And that coaching brings you positive changes that you desired for so long.

Would like to experience your better fitness?

Lifestyle change is complex because it has to work for you. Try our BossGirl Coaching program and discover how you can burn fat and gain better shape without the traditional methods.

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