Gain Deeper Clarity, Eliminate Invisible Blindspots, & Unlock Peaceful Profits in Your Health Business

Revealed the most effective 3Cs strategies that 1CR coaches use to sell their online courses and learn the secrets to living a life of freedom & making a bigger impact even if you are just starting out or don’t have any credentials

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Do you face any of these problems?

“spinning your wheels”

You’re working hard but you’ve nothing to show. You barely have any time for family (yourself & business)

“being underpaid”

People gladly pay for junk foods, mobiles, & medicines but they feel you’re very expensive

“stuck & unappreciated”

Everybody is a health expert these days, though bad advice goes viral easily but people don’t appreciate what you do

“confused about business”

You don’t know where to start building your online tribe. You don’t know whether your products will sell or not

“tech issues”

You want to impact a large audience and change their lifestyles but the tech part and the details block you from exponential growth

“left behind”

Your peers and friends are making solid progress and working with celebrities (or have gained almost celeb status already) but you feel something always blocks you

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👉 Let’s face the facts…

👉 People think you’re going to ban every food they love and make them work out like hell…

👉 They’ve tried gimmicks from YouTube but failed, and now they think you are like every other “health expert” they have seen before…🤷‍♀️

👉 People trust and buy from brands – but chances are you don’t even have a functioning website yet…

Finally, learn what it takes to build the business of your dreams

Niche clarity

Riches are in the niches. Understand how to create a niche and see a clear path to success that you’re passionate about.


Learn how I use self-hypnotic ways to motivate myself to record simple videos without needing any word-for-word script

Copywriting secrets

Every crorepati coach or brand uses copywriters (like me) to sell more. Use Copywriting tools, techniques, and secrets to your advantage & stand out of the crowd

Sell courses

Tap into the $600 Billion market. People are buying courses and learning from the comfort of their homes. Discover how to build ‘experience products’ building your reputation worldwide

Build Brand

Would you let technology rob millions of people of your life-saving skills? Learn what basic systems you need to experience exponential growth in the online coaching business

Create Community

Like other experts, do you work too hard with your limited client base? Do you know you can build vibrant communities and experience freedom in business?

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Hi, I’m a health copywriter and founder of Lifestyle Profits Hub. I love to share how any health coach or trainer can use the power of the 3Cs – Copywriting, Courses, and Community – no matter where you’re in your business journey. You won’t find this anywhere else.

My mission is to help 100k health experts build their digital Gurukuls that drive results and lifestyle changes for clients; while creating freedom and profitability for the health expert so that we can make India healthy & wealthy again.

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You’re the coach or trainer. You help clients transform their lives… but building a business that runs on auto-pilot can feel challenging…

Let me ask you a few questions…

🔘 You can help clients enjoy good health? [yes/no]

🔘 You can help clients enjoy GREAT health? [yes/no]

🔘 You can help clients enjoy great health for LIFE? [yes/no]

🔘 You change their confidence levels and really their whole mindset? [yes/no]

🔘 You just want fair pay for your effort [yes/no]

Chances are excellent you answered ‘yes’ to these questions. Because what you’re really saying is you want a business where clients find you and you get recognized for your amazing work. That’s the way it should be.

Would you like to learn a few simple concepts – to create a business confidently – that give you FREEDOM with IMPACT?

Gain clarity about how to own an extraordinary business

Let me help.

After decades of struggle, I understood the secrets of a successful health business. They aren’t taught anywhere else.


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    Still unsure?

    Is this really free? What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch. This is absolutely free.

    Of course, I provide this in the hopes that you’ll realize its merit and would want our help to implement everything in your life.

    Of course, Coaching isn’t mandatory but having accountability can support you in many ways.

    What diet do you recommend?

    All diets work – if you can stick. However, dieting isn’t the only way to better health.

    With the help of my mentors I discovered practical ways to think about healthy living, which doesn’t involve strict diets.